Gifting, Loyalty, and Engagement in one single platform.

Empower Authentic Connections with Personalized Solutions

eGiftify goes beyond traditional gifting. We provide a white-label, omnichannel gifting platform that seamlessly integrates with your brand.
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Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, and Retailers.

One Solution for all your needs

Deepen customer relationships: Build loyalty and appreciation with personalized eGifts delivered instantly across email, SMS, social media, or even printed cards.
Drive engagement: Create targeted gift campaigns that incentivize purchases, celebrate milestones, and reward brand advocates.
Boost brand awareness: Turn every gift into a branded touchpoint, reinforcing your brand identity and message.
Here’s all the good stuff
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Reliable system

From direct integrations with your POS, card networks, and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the financial stack.

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Integrated with multiple POS, e-commerce, and processing providers, like Agilisys, Shopify, Magento, and more.


White Label Solutions

Your brand and your program. We are the technology to enable fast, secure, world-class features and functionality


Omni-Channel Experience

Our technology provides everything necessary to run your gifting and loyalty program. We enable sales and service in-store, online, mobile, in app, and through channel partners


What our customers say

"We highly recommend eGiftify! The platform has eliminated chargebacks, boosted gift card sales, and improved customer interactions. Its comprehensive features and positive impact make it a solution we confidently endorse."

"eGiftify exceeded our expectations! Their platform is user-friendly, their service is unmatched, and their commitment to partnership is evident. We highly recommend them for anyone looking for a quality digital gift card solution."


For years, Logoipsum manually tracked marketing metrics using Excel, Google sheets, and complex macros


Logoipsum partnered with T2D3 to document their entire customer journey and map metrics at each stage


Logoipsum increased data accuracy by 76% and decreased manual data collection time by 4 hours per week

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